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Sugar Cane Burning – The Downwind Health Effects.  Julia Hathaway, from the Sierra Club, describes the concerns about the health effects of large scale sugar cane burning, and why and how other countries use green harvesting instead. October 2015   Listen


Pesticides and Our Health – Jeannie Economos explains the serious health concerns regarding pesticide exposure, including effects on human development, fertility, and disease, the need for medical attention to occupational exposure, endocrine disruption, informational links, and the Lake Apopka story. (Co-posted with Palm Beach County Medical Society) August 2015 Listen


Pseudobulbar Affect – William Ondo, M.D., from the University of Texas, explains this disorder, of how an expressed emotion is not always matched to the felt emotion, its possible role in brain injuries, Parkinsonism, Lew Gehrig disease, or dementia, and its history and its treatment.  August 2015. Listen


Grassroots Mental Health – Pakistan. – Dr. Zulqurnain Asghar, a psychologist in Islamabad, describes the unmet mental illness challenges in his country. These include his work with a mental health camp and a program to empower women through education, designed to prevent and deal with mental and other health problems. (More background at  July 2015. Listen


Predicting Dangerousness – Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., from Columbia University, discusses the real limits and possibilities of predicting, and the nature of, dangerousness. July 2015 Listen


Three Psychiatrists’ Concerns About Marijuana – Three psychiatrists, Aldo Morales, Dean Rotondo and Abbey Strauss, share their concerns and experiences with the clinical aspects of marijuana use. From a forum of April 29, 2015 in Palm Beach County, Fl. Opening comments by Donna Hearn, Ph.D. July 2015 Listen


The Mental Health Court – Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren presides over the 18 year old award winning mental health court in Broward County, Florida. Hear her intriguing comments to its history, philosophy, challenges, and style. June 2015 Listen


The Common Language of Science In September 1941, Albert Einstein wrote and read on London’s Science Conference this 8 minute piece on language, science, and mental health. This is that essay in Einstein’s own voice. June 2015 Listen


About Psychiatry – Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., reviews how mental health treatment evolved, its strengths and challenges, and the nature of its treatments. Currently he is the chair of Psychiatry at Columbia University, past president of the American Psychiatric Society, and author of “Shrinks...”  May 2015   Listen


Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill – Judge Steven Leifman, 11th Judicial Court (Florida), recounts his entry into dealing with the mentally ill, gives an overview and history of mental health and the courts, why problems developed, and outlines the good changes made in Dade County that can be a model for other communities. May 2015 Listen


Flakka – Another Designer Drug -- Krithika Iyer, M.D., explains the nature and great danger of this newest of the designer drugs. Her comments stem from theory and actual clinical experiences with its users. April 2015. Listen


Why Speak About ADD? -- Elias Sarkis, M.D., speaks to other aspects of the condition, the differences between child and adult presentations, how it can so dramatically impact the course of a person’s life, etc. April 2015 Listen


Dementia Update – Neil Buckholtz, Ph.D., Director of Neurosciences at the National Institute of Aging (part of the NIH) discusses in detail the state of the research and treatment domains for dementia. March 2015. Listen


Infidelity – Jesse Selkin, Psy.D., discusses the definition of infidelity, culture variances, the role of web pornography, the role of trust, and the nature of styles of relationships in which infidelity is associated. March 2015.  Listen


Telemedicine – Donna Vanderpool, J.D., a medical malpractice carrier’s risk manager, explains the rising presence of telemedicine, it’s history, it’s potential, and it’s dangers, including a discussing of privacy and various state requirements, even for psychotherapy only. February 2015. Listen


Measles Again -- Really Larry Bush, M.D., explains why measles has returned, how it is spread, the concepts and history of vaccinations, and that the major tools against infection are sanitation and vaccination. February 2015. Listen


Post-Traumatic Growth -- Susan Gallagher-Ross, Ph.D., explains how trauma can lead to growth with certain psychological concepts and approaches, all to help people better develop and thrive following a crisis. She presents some personal experiences as well. January 2015 Listen


Stalking – Phil Heller, Psy.D., talks with blunt detail about the make-up of stalkers, rejection and rage, what triggers stalking, the legal challenges, how to deal with it, etc. December 2014 Listen


The Robin Williams’ Suicide – Mindy Rosenbloom, M.D., considers the reality and risk factors of depression and suicide regardless of economic and social positions. We also spoke of the special place Mr. Williams had in our society. November 2014 Listen


Sexual Pressures on Special Needs Girls – Maureen Whelihan, M.D., a gynecologist, openly discusses the sexual worlds’ of special needs girls, including birth control, social pressures, emancipation, relationships, advice to parents, etc. Some comments overlap the needs of mainstream girls as well. October 2014  Listen


Effects of Adolescent Marijuana Use - Edmund Silins, Ph.D., explains his recently published study on the consequences on school completion, suicide, and subsequent illicit drug abuse in those who smoked marijuana before and through age 17. October 2014. Listen


Latino’s and Their Mental Health Needs – Daniel Jimenez, Ph.D., highlights the importance of critically understanding the harmonics of cultural backgrounds of Latino’s when they have mental health needs. October 2014.  Listen


Inflammation and Psychiatry A New World Charles Raison, M.D., explores this fascinating new world that connects inflammation and psychiatric issues, the research, the theories, and the possible new set of understanding and treatments. September 2014. Listen


Understanding Menopause -- Maureen Whelihan, M.D., gynecologist, presents the practical data, interventions, and some truths about this very real phase of life event. August 2014 Listen


The Industrialization of Marijuana: Reflections of Tobacco?– Kimber Richter, Ph.D., (University of Kansas) and Sharon Levy, M.D. (Harvard University) discuss the effects of industrializing marijuana as a public health issue that reflects  the history of the tobacco industry. August 2014 Listen


Ebola -- Larry Bush, M.D., an infectious disease specialist, explains Ebola and other viral concerns, including origin, spread, treatment, and prevention. August 2014   Listen


Psychiatry and Space Travel – Ronald Moomaw, D.O., NASA flight surgeon/psychiatry, explains the unique challenges and methods of supporting those in long term space flight. He is directly involved with the International Space Station project. A fascinating look into this area. July 2014 Listen


Ketamine and Depression. Charles Nemeroff, M.D., Chair of the Department of Psychiatry (University of Miami) discusses the history, nature of, and dangers to ketamine use as we currently understand it, but that careful research with ketamine may give us clues and tools into a clinically safe intervention to help the truly treatment resistant depression. July 2014.  Listen


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Blending Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis – Mark Solms, Ph.D., from South Africa, brings these two domains into a necessary union because both are integral aspects of our lives. He is also co-chair of the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society. June 2014. Listen


Cellular Receptors and Psychiatric Medications – Youssef Hausson, M.D., from Zucker-Hillside Hospital in New York City, discusses the common cellular receptors (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, etc.) important to the treatment of certain psychiatric conditions. June 2014.  Listen


Medical Marijuana – David Gross, M.D., takes on this critical topic. He discusses the possible medical potential that might follow trustworthy scientific research, concerns with the exposure – especially to the teenage brain -- to the marijuana plant, potential legal challenges, etc. April 2014   Listen   


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